How Sex Can Ruin Your Relationship

Does sex ruin a relationship? Well, let’s face facts. Lack of interest in sex with your partner can cause problems, and eventually cause the demise of the relationship. In order to gain some understanding, let’s look at the Psychology of Sex. After all, the origination point for sex in a man or women is not the penis or the vagina, it starts with that signal in your brain.

A Perfectly Good Relationship Can Be Ruined Very Easily!

To have good sex or even better, great sex it starts with our self-image and our perception of ourselves. It is essential you have a healthy attitude towards your own body and have a healthy mental attitude with yourself. Unfortunately, no matter how much that person may love your mind and body, their admiration will not go very far if you have negative feelings about yourself. both physically and mentally.

According to most recent statistics, over forty-one percent of current marriages will end in divorce. Unfortunately, for males, we get caught up in the thrill of the chase, and we never develop good relationship skills. Then, we meet the woman of our dreams, and we are literally lost because we do not have the basic skills to “sweep her off her feet.”

Relationship Maintenance 101

Of course, we all know that initial chemistry, and physical attraction that occurs. How do we maintain it? How do we keep sex alive and glowing? How do we make sex a beneficial part of our relationship?

We as human beings, wheater male or female, have a tendency to take things and people for granted. Your lover, your husband, your wife, is no different. As a matter of fact, because you see each other every day, taking each other for granted can naturally evolve. However, give that one the attention you feel you would want before you slip in that detrimental phase of taking your marriage, or your relationship for granted.

Remember, when you were dating and courting how much that impression meant! You worked hard to get yourself looking good. You literally worked hard for that impression that literally blew your loved one away! When, man or women, you are sitting at home in your baggy boxers, or wearing those sloppy sweatpants, it may be comfortable but it does not make a favorable impression. No, that doesn’t mean you cannot be comfortable at home, but try to be sexy and comfortable at the same time. In this case, this same standard applies to both sexes. When you fell in love, and just could not wait to rip off each other’s clothes and make passionate love it was not because you did not try to impress each other to get to that point.

Do Not Take Each Other For Granted

Taking each other for granted will kill that relationship every time! You both obviously know what both of you like, you both have developed some idea of what turns your mind and your body on or at least you should. Sometimes, it is not we lost the feeling as the song goes, we just temporarily misplaced it.

Some ways you can show that one that they are still special does not have to take a lot of time, or a lot of money. Remember when you would write those long love texts or write that love note. That little gesture can do wonders for that suffering relationship.

Maybe you just plan a nice romantic candlelit dinner at home. Even if you are a guy that cannot cook, buy takeout, and buy some nice candles. Surprise your lady when she comes to a candlelit dinner, and just follow the candles to your bedroom. Lay a few roses on her nightstand and a few rose petals on your bed. Have your favorite nightgown laying out on the bed. What did this cost you? Well, both of you have to eat anyway. A few roses, a few candles, and a great upstart on you and your sex life! Got a little extra cash, buy your lady a new nightgown, and see how quick it will be off, as you make love.

Have A Date Night

The success of a relationship or a marriage is dependent on date night. Go out for a dinner, a movie, a play, whatever the two of you like to do together. Why is date night so critical to a successful relationship and a great sex life. Date night puts the two of you back on one on one. The conversation, the food, the atmosphere, is for the two of you only. When finances permit, extend that date night to a surprise overnight stay at a romantic hotel and order room service, while enjoying your time together. To make it a total surprise for that one you love, don’t pack any clothes. You shouldn’t need them!

Yes, sex or lack thereof can ruin any marriage, but the bottom line is lack of attention and being taking for granted will ruin any relationship, sexual or otherwise!