Having Friends with Benefits… Good or Bad?

Friends with benefits a concept created by millennials where they will occasionally hook up. This concept was created because of them not wanting restrict themselves to traditions of of other rules. This will tend to be happy relationship that is open. If one of them gets into a relationship, they will usually stop hooking up. There are some exceptions where they can have some threesomes with friends and it’s great as long as everyone is on the same page. The difficulty is that these relationships eventually end and they’ll end in the worst way possible. It could really go both ways.

Friends with benefits can really be a good thing. People who’ve known each other for years having occasional sex. They are people that have a lot of trust within each other and that is a practical situation to be having sex. It will feel much better than hooking up with someone that they went with at the club. Sometimes, the relationship can go further and that can be for the better. The trust aspect is a huge advantage compared to meeting other people. The memories that you’ve had with that person will never change and you will always have that.

This gives both people the ability to cater to each others needs. If there is a fantasy that one person has, the other person may understand and satisfy that fantasy. That will make the two people better friends and become happier as the relationship evolves. Going on dates or other social events also make you very responsible. You respect their sanitation more because you’ve known them more. You know that this is a person who has to see their parents that you’ve met before. Therefore, thinks like condoms pills, patches and other forms of contraception are often the focus before sex.

Paying for things will often be your responsibility and that is a good thing. Generally speaking, if you go to eat out with friends, you should be prepared to speak for yourself. The one exception is that you are prepared, and you offer to pay before the date. Friends go to events that they enjoy and no one really expects you to pay for them. Some friends surprise each other on their birthday. But you aren’t expected to pay for anything overly expensive. Depending on how much you get paid, this can be a huge advantage for either gender.

Though it comes with their disadvantages. Some people are not prepared to make the commitment. Some of them won’t be able to commit to knowing that they’re other friends know that they’re hooking up. If they do know, they will often their advice even if they don’t know what they’re talking about. As soon as they do something that they were told is a bad thing, there is a lack of trust. That creates a false confirmation bias that can often mislead people. This is dangerous because that can lead to less communication with your partner.

Financially, FWBs can also become a problem. There are very few people in this world that can never go broke. So few that they could be counted on your hands. This being said, you or your partner can easily go broke if you have the wrong expectations. If you are constantly spending on money on expensive steaks and lobsters expecting sex and not receiving it, that can be very dangerous. Their expectations are completely different and there is a frustration aspect because they wanted something that they didn’t get. The less people communicate with each other, the quicker the relationship will end.

Other partners are sometimes a bad thing. Your health is something that is more important than feelings or money. If a person has sex with you for a year unprotected and then suddenly puts on a condom, eyebrows will be raised. That person was likely having sex with another woman and doesn’t want you to have any detriments. But if the man has any aliments, very few women are likely to sleep with him. This is often a very good thing because you need to protect yourself. Talk to your partner about how you should protect each other when you have sex.

Some FWBs are irresponsible and it can end a friendship. When an STD is contracted, that is likely to end your friendship forever. When money is involved and you’re expected to pay for someone, take a good look at whether you enjoy this person’s presence or not. But this can also be a very good thing. Satisfying someone’s sexual needs needs can be a very good feeling to give someone. You get to find someone who will do their best to satisfy your sexual needs. That is often something you can’t have in a traditional relationship that people have.